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  • Very difficult; I'm finding it very hard to get into and wondering whether I can actually do this job.

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  • It hasn't gone too badly, I guess. Could be worse.

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  • Pretty good, I guess. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

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  • It's wonderful! I'm really enjoying it!

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  • Not sure; ask me again in a few months.

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Thread: How's the teaching going?

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    Default How's the teaching going?

    So how does everyone feel about their first 2 weeks of teaching? Has it been easy or have you found it tough? I found it really hard in the first week and most of my lessons were terrible, but now I'm getting into it and have had some great lessons this week. I seem to slowly be remembering how I used to teach, which is handy!
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    2 weeks? Let's try day #4... Yes, I'm a thumb twiddler...

    It's gone well thus far. I teach at a low level high school and I'm about ready to chuck their useless textbooks. My lessons have gone well-considering that they don't understand half of what I say, and that some student's can't read the word "the."

    My instructors (head teachers) approve my lessons and tell me that my plans are good- so I jsut go with the flow.

    Oh! And I love my 2A kids. One kid a shouts out random things in English throughout the entire lesson, but he speaks the most English out of any of my students- and English is his 3rd language! 2A and 1C are definitely the classes that I look most forward to.

    Well, I guess I'd better man the office, as I'm the only person here right now...

    How're things for other folks?

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    Loving the teaching. Completed my 16th self intro today, so thats it for my JHS, now i have to make an even simpler one for the Elementary schools.

    Classes vary between "brink of a riot" and "empty library" but its always fun. One of my classes had been prepped with questions, so i asked everyone, and one kid asked if i liked to arm wrestle! Haha, he was so suprised when i challenged him then and there!!

    Ive found doing random and slightly outrageous things really helps. One kid was trying to sleep in my worst class, so i sat on his desk and taught from there. Needless to say, he sat up, or he would have looked like he was kissing my butt.

    Joining in after school clubs has been the icebreaker for me though. Students greet me all round school, invite me to their clubs, and even their non-English lessons, and the English classes have definitely woken up.

    Now if only i could remember their names.....


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    Joining the tennis club has broken the ice for me too. I am crap, but htey don't care, its great. Sometimes they try and force me to play tennis, by appearing as a small pack ready to whisk me off to the tennis courts. I am also going to play vollyball (which I am also crap at)...

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